From Genoa with sideswords @ BORG Monsberger | Graz | Steiermark | Österreich
26. Oktober 2018 um 19:00 – 28. Oktober 2018 um 18:00
BORG Monsberger
Monsbergergasse 16
8010 Graz
Florian Dieregger

From Genoa with sideswords

Sidesword in a nutshell

The bolognese school is one of the most articulated traditions in western martial arts, presenting a wide range of single and dual weapons among which sidesword is clearly the main player. In this journey through the italian fighting arts of the XVI century we will identify some basic principles of the use of sidesword alone and take a look at how they evolve with the introduction of a secondary weapon In our off-hand, practicing some techniques from the treatises of Manciolino, Marozzo and Dalle Agocchie. Among the many possibilities offered by the bolognese school, we will focus on some secondary weapons of frequent use in civil context, namely buckler, dagger and cape.

  • All fencers are welcome, no skill level is required. Knowledge of basic strikes and parries is a plus.
  • In case you do not own a sidesword feel free to bring your medieval sword / rapier / langmesser / waster.
  • In case you do not own a dagger be handy and take a piece out of your old broomstick or be creative and tape up a rolled magazine.
  • In case you do not own a buckler be brave and rely on your favourite pot lid.
  • Bath / beach towels or small blankets make for a good substitute for capes. Pro tip: if you can wear it and feel fancy it’s large enough. The heavier the cloth is, the more effective your cover will be.
  • Please note: if you are using all of the three last substitutes, you are warmly welcome to make yourself stand out by wearing a colander on your head, in order to be appointed “Knight of Houseworks”. We thank you in advance for that.




Daniele Calcagno is historian and researcher in diplomatic palaeography. His fencing experience starts in 1993 with sports fencing (sabre), switching later to historical fencing. His main studies concern classical and transitional bolognese sidesword and sabre. He published a reconstructive commentated edition of the sword and dagger and sword and cape books from the Dalle Agocchie treatise, in addition to other northwestern italian military sidesword and saber treatises.


Aaron Caldarella switched to historical fencing in 2009 after experiences with eastern and western martial arts. His main interests are medieval close combat and grappling and the italian and iberian sidesword tradition, with special regard to dual wielding. He started his path as instructor in 2014 and held workshops of dual wielding in historical military and urban context and safe fighting in reenactment context.


Giulio Campanella started his journey in the world of historical european martial arts back in 2007 in Bologna. He started by studying Fiore dei Liberi and then switched to Bolognese school, growing fond of sidesword and dagger. As time went on his interests started to include saber and rapier. He is currently teaching Bolognese sidesword in a club in Genoa.



Date: 26.-28.10.2018
Venue: Borg Monsberger, Monsbergergasse 16, 8010 Graz
Discount participation fee („Early bird“): 55 Euro (until 31.08.2018)
Standard paricipation fee: 65 Euro
Max. participants: 30
Accomodation: You have to organize your accomodation yourself. On inquiry it may be possible to organize a stay with one of our club members.
There is a hostel 5 walking minutes from the location:
Conrad von Hötzendorfstraße 96, 8010 Graz

There will be snacks and drinks, lunch IS NOT included. There are supermarkets and restaurants nearby.

Time schedule

Friday: 19:00 Theoretical lecture at our clubs headquarters
Saturday: 09:00 Gym opens, 19:00 Gym closes, 20:30 Dinner at „Der Steirer“
Sunday: 08:00 Gym opens, 18:00 Gym closes



If you have any additional questions, wishes or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us: